Avoid spam submissions on your forms.

Stop wasting time sifting through garbage and start focusing on submissions that need attention.

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Why SpamPatrol?

It doesn't matter whether it's a bot or human abusing your contact form, SpamPatrol will analyze the submissions and determine whether it's spam.

Avoid playing whack-a-mole with unruly spammers that use a wide range of IPs and domains. SpamPatrol works based on understanding the intent of submitted messages to catch all the things that your typical website visitor or app user won't do.

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Intent driven

Smart spam analysis is applied to understand what's being submitted, like a human would, then generate scores based on the intent of the message.

Privacy focused

There's great emphasis on privacy so there is no tracking or 3rd party cookies in use. Any API messages submitted are hashed without any logging.

Quick setup

The setup process is quick. It should take less than 5 minutes and works with any development language or stack. Lots of example code to start with.

Flexible plans

Free and flexible plans allow you to start small then upgrade when necessary. You control how going over the limit is handled.

Always evolving

Heuristics developed using tens of thousands of spam submissions to ensure we can be as accurate as possible.

Speedy performance

Our API will return results within a couple seconds so you don't need to worry about it adding any significant bottlenecks to your form handling processes.

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