Smarter Spam Analysis

SpamPatrol's analysis is centered around natural language processing to understand the messages that spammers are trying to send you. This means that it's highly adaptive regardless of whether the submission is made by a human, a bot or an entire botnet.

Our heuristics are contantly being refined and improved to maintain accuracy.

As part of your decision making process any content returning a score that meets your spam threshold can be redirected to a specially assigned email or Spam/Junk folder. There's always a small chance of a false positive or false negative but you avoid missing out on real leads since the junk can still be reviewed.


Spend less time sifting through spam submissions. Get to the real, quality submissions faster. Avoid trouble stemming from blindly responding to submissions, manually or via auto-responders, since messages to spam-linked accounts can hurt your reputation and increase the chance of your website being considered a spam source. You always want to ensure that submissions are from real users interested in your products and services so that you can communicate with confidence.

Clean Form User Experience

Forms are often used as part of a user conversion flow. Naturally, the experience should be as effortless as possible to reduce the chances of abandonment. Why give users extra work and added frustration by having them fill out confusing CAPTCHAs or questions? SpamPatrol allows you to keep forms bloat-free for a great user experience.

Proper Email Practices

A common post-submission action is to send a notification to the user via an auto-responder to let them know that their message was received. This is often abused by spammers to inject their email lists into your system or to get you in trouble as part of some dark technique. SpamPatrol reduces your risk by ensuring that garbage submissions are not processed like they would for the quality submissions.

Efficient Funnels

A lot of time can be spent sifting through junk submissions, which takes time away from dealing with the good submissions as well as general day to day activities. SpamPatrol helps to keep your funnel clean, which increases your engagement, sales, and customer satisfaction due to fewer distractions.

Use Cases

Contact Forms

This is the classic case that SpamPatrol was created to deal with. This communication channel on your website allows visitors to get in touch with their questions and feedback. Contact forms are often abused and even used as a marketing channel by spammers. By integrating SpamPatrol into the submission flow you can make a decision about how to handle these messages and ensure that the people that really need help are the priority.

Intake Forms

Like contact forms a very common way to convert users is by having them complete a leadgen form that's part of your marketing campaign. These are often abused for similar reasons so in order to clean up your list of prospects and keep your funnel efficient SpamPatrol can be part of the decision with regard to how it should be handled.

Comments and Discussion Forums

SpamPatrol can be integrated into discussion boards or blog comments to help filter out posts that are not in line with the discussion or terms of use.